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Case Study: Twilight Fine Jewelry License Deal

Anatomy of the Deal

Never in the history of the Twilight Saga franchise has a high-end jewelry line been created to symbolize the eternal love theme of this romance.  AIM Productions identified an opportunity to create a high end line of jewelry for this historic and every lasting franchise.   AIM partnered with high-end jewelers and negotiated the license with the Studio.  The Official Twilight Jewelry line was designed with precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones to set itself apart from anything previously available.  The line was designed to include exact replica pieces from the film and inspired by jewelry that features the Cullen Crest and Wolfpack Tatoo.  For Twilight fans, this jewelry was designed to last as long as a Vampire’s love.



The Manufacturer

AIM Productions worked with jewelry designers and manufacturers to create the line.  They were able to create a complete line in the high and mid-priced range.

The Retailer

AIM Productions chose Bed Bath & Beyond for its exclusive partner to assist in the promotion and sale of The Twilight Saga Official high-end jewelry line.