Influencer Marketing

An Influencer is someone who makes us think differently about our tastes, our lifestyle, our preferences, and how we see ourselves related to the world. 

The most impactful are those individuals or characters who we either most relate to or aspire to become or at the very least; we reflect their positive behavior in our lives – cooler, hipper, funnier, stronger.

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Magnum Sponsorship

Delivered 410,612,923 total impressions with a $3,807,697 Media Value

Sponsor Integration Included:
  • Featured Category Exclusive Ice Cream Sponsor to the Cinema Center and 5 Events
  • Prominent branding on main event
  • Exclusive product sampling
  • Marketing to all media, celebrities and VIPs
  • Inclusing in all press releases, publicity and video loops
  • Top social media influencers posting and on social media from Cinema Center and film studios

Read some of the great press the event generated at Film Daily and Daily Mail

Talenti Promotional Campaign

Integrated Talenti Gelato into a hi-profile, buzz worthy content environment.

  • Negotiated with People Magazine for TALENTI Gift insertion into the SAG Awards Male/Female Celebrity Gift Bags.
  • Negotiated TALENTI partnership with the 2020 SAG Awards .
  • Partnership included: TALENTI displays throughout the event and at Wolfgang Puck’s Celebrity Gala.
  • Delivered extensive brand conversation among celebrity guests and full coverage through hi-profile media
  • Top Celebrities who mentioned their favorite Talenti flavor received a Courtesy Talenti Gift at their doorsteps!  

Danica Patrick POWER UP’s Her Life with POWER UP TRAIL MIX

  • Pared a High Quality Trail Mix with a famous Woman on the go.
  • As an Auto Racer, Danica Patrick knows how to fuel a race car and fuel your body which aligned well with POWER UP
  • On the track she achieved multiple firsts for Women in American Auto Racing and was introduced to POWER UP Trail Mix by a racing staff member.
  • As an Influencer, Whether she is in a race car, or running her new businesses; with a variety of POWER UP Trail Mix she can fuel her protein on the go wherever the day takes her.
  • From the race Track, to the Gym, to professional Kitchen where her Healthful Cook Book was born, with booked engagements, and a Podcast;
  • POWER UP Trail Mix is her good friend.
  • She is an influencer who knows what she likes…Power Up! Portable and Power-full like Danica.

Swedish Fish at The Oscars with Kelly Ripa & Rita Wilson

  • Kelly Ripa surprises Rita Wilson with her favorite snack.
  • Kelly presents a Bowl Full of Swedish Fish!

Luxury Brands

  • AIM created a hi-profile runway for Luxury Brands that takes Influencer to an elevated platform.
  • Characters we relate to and visit often in our favorite series and films create a stronger connection in influence and reach.
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