Promotions & Licensing

Building a great promotion begins with finding the right property for the brand. It must target the right consumer, be free of any risk, mirror the personality of the brand, and delight the consumer to incent them to buy; which will ultimately impact product sales.

Just For Me - Home

Take a small budget and turn it into a bonanza promotion.
Mom targeted digital campaign averaged 5 minute engagement per video view.

Wendys - Instant Family

Building a 360° promotion in two months’ time for a cause related film is accomplished with heart and purpose.
Paired it with the company whose brand is founded on the cause.
Campaign raised 2 1/2 million for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Miller Lite - The Internship

AIM Productions delivered a unique concept to promote “The Internship" starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. A contest was held to find 4 real life interns for MillerCoors. The winners traveled across the country in a man cave on wheels promoting the movie at various Miller Lite events and Jimmy Kimmel on their way to the Premiere. The four interns topped off their promotion as brand ambassodors on the Red Carpet at the Premiere.

Coors Light Silver Bullet - Prometheus

AIM Productions developed the partnership for Coors Light with “Prometheus” to promote the launch of the new "Coors Light Silver Bullet" Can. A co-branded 30-second TV ad was produced by Sir Ridley Scott. The spot, titled “Do You Thirst?,” features footage from the film and aired nationally on network primetime, cable sports, and cable entertainment programming. The launch of Prometheus and the launch of the Coors Light Silver Bullet both made a safe landing.

Dr. Strange - Honor 8

  • Negotiated placement for Honor 8’s new phone into the Marvel Studio film “Dr. Strange”.
  • Joined Honor 8 and Marvel forces to activate a Global multimedia tie-in campaign “For the Brave”.
  • Seized the moment to remake the world as you see it through Honor 8’s new dual-lens. Doctor Strange transcends illusion and reality.
  • Honor 8 provides its users the power to weave their imagination into images and blur the lines between real and imagined.
  • The exclusive appearance of an Honor device in this blockbuster film was a milestone for the young brand, first introduced to the U.S. market.
  • Skim Plus - What to Expect When You're Expecting

    AIM Productions believed a film about Moms and babies deserved to have a Milk partner, so AIM brought Borden Dairy Co. and Farmland Dairy’s Skim Plus in as promotional partners for a film based on the most popular Pregnancy book, “What To Expect When You're Expecting." Through branding on over 2 million Milk cartons and gallons, its in-store reach, product distribution and digital outreach, Borden Dairy Co, and Farmland had the ability to drive awareness among the key target group for WTEWYE and increase Sales during the promotional window.

    Suave Kids Gets Smurfed

    AIM Identified a compatible promotional tie-in opportunity for Suave Kids. Negotiated brand partnership with Sony Pictures for the licensing and promotional rights. Managed all approvals with the Studio for on-time deliverables and flawless execution.  Wal-Mart exclusive merchandising events with prominent off-shelf display were staged in the Summer window and Fall season spanning both theatrical and the home entertainment window.  An estimated 10MM units with Suave/Smurf labels were sold from June – December in 2011.

    Fine Jewelry Collection - Twilight

    Never in the history of the Twilight Saga franchise has a high-end jewelry line been created to symbolize the eternal love theme of this romance. AIM Productions identified an opportunity to create a high end line of jewelry for this historic and every lasting franchise. AIM partnered with high-end jewelers and negotiated the license with the Studio. The Official Twilight Jewelry line was designed with precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones to set itself apart from anything previously available. The line was designed to include exact replica pieces from the film and inspired by Bella’s jewelry gifted by Edward, and a line extension that featured the Cullen Crest and Wolfpack Tattoo. For Twilight fans, this jewelry was as popular as its characters and designed to last as long as a Vampire’s love.

    Past Promotions

  • Bumble Bee Tuna - Free Willy - Raised $500,000 for Earth Island Institute
  • "all" detergent - Batman Returns - Results in 21% increase in Dollar Share
  • Royal Ooze - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - #2 brand exceeds largest seller in category
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's Hollywood for Children Audrey Hepburn Memorial Fund
  • Johnny Stecchino - An Italian film directed by Roberto Benigni. During its release in 1991, it was the highest-grossing film in Italy. AIM supported its celebrated NYC Premiere with an authentic Italian only themed gift bag.
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